Jennifer Capstick

BA (hons), MISM, AOTOS, Classical Soprano, 

Singing Teacher

Jennifer delved into singing teaching whilst coming to the end of her training and found an instant love for teaching singing to all ages. In 2011 Jennifer began studying classical music at the University of Liverpool, gaining a BA (hons) in Music in 2014. Thoughtout her training, Jennifer has achieved grade 8 in classical singing (ABRSM) and musical theatre (LCM). Jennifer sings in different genres and environments which has enabled her to sing with jazz big bands, operatic choruses, classical and contemporary choirs, and small ensembles.

Jennifer was first invited to teach singing at a local music school in 2013. From here she continued to study the voice and attend many singing teaching events and courses across the UK. In 2015 Jennifer was invited to teach voice and performance at Appel Farm Arts and Music Centre in New Jersey, USA. She continued her travelling in 2016 venturing to Australia and was lucky enough to sing with local musicians and choirs in Sydney and Queensland. 

Returning in 2017, Jennifer began studying a Masters in Music Therapy at The University of South Wales, which she will complete in 2020. Jennifer delved back into teaching when returning home and continues to teach in many different establishments across Liverpool alongside her study. Jennifer can support her students in their study towards examinations, performance and auditions. She works closely with building trust and safety in the classroom to enable each student to grow in confidence and self-believe. 

Side note: I love teaching at North Liverpool Dance Academy. The students and staff are so passionate and inspiring and I find it amazing to work alongside them all.